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Hey House of Evans readers! Kristy was so sweet to include me in her Christmas blog series. Kristy and I “met” through blogging, one of my most favorite things about starting my blog, Surrounded by Pretty. Just this weekend Kristy was posting some of her “Christmas BBQ” photos and it was so surreal. CHRISTMAS BBQ!?!?!?!

The LAST thing I want to do around the holidays is be cooking and being outside. Here in the States it is FREEZING, snowy, windy, ick. My husband and I dream of going to a tropical, WARM location around the holidays but the thought of an actual BBQ cracked me up. Ohhhhh geography….. Anyways, THANK YOU KRISTY for including me on this. Such a great idea!

That's ME!

That’s ME!

First up, tell us a bit about why you love Christmas and what it means to you?
I love Christmas because of everyone’s spirit. I wish it were all year round, but I feel like everyone is in a better mood around the holidays. We all hear of the horror stories of fights in the malls, but I’ve never ACTUALLY witnessed one of those. People are more willing to let you in line, tell you about a good parking spot and share their coupons!

When I think of Christmas in America, I picture snowy New York, Christmas Carols, cosy fireplaces and wooly sweaters – is my imagination anything close to reality or have I watched Home Alone too many times?
I have watched Home Alone too many times too, and all other Christmas movies because even living here I think that. I do have to say maybe about 60% of my Christmases have been white. Wooly sweaters are a must, carolers do exist (well they do in NJ), and if it is cold enough, fireplaces are a blazin’. So while it is mostly true, the weather in NJ (NYC) isn’t always predictable. It could rain and be a balmy 60 degrees (F) or it could be snowing. We always hope for a white christmas though….

I know your family are Italian, do you celebrate any Italian traditions at Christmas?
Well, as I’ve mentioned to you, we are “New Jersey Italian”, haha. Loosely, we gorge ourselves with seafood on Christmas Eve and drink plenty of wine (but I feel like everyone does that). Our Christmas Day dinner consists of many courses….including a pasta course.

If you had to choose one thing, what would you say is your favourite thing about the holiday season?
The anticipation and preparation for Christmas Day. All of the parties, decorations, Christmas carols playing everywhere I go, it’s sort of like magic. Saturday, for example, was supposed to be my parents’ HUGE Christmas Party they host every year. Unfortunately, it snowed and it had to be postponed until Sunday, but my brother and cousin came over, we went out in the snow, had plenty of cocktails, and sat around the Christmas tree. It wasn’t ACTUALLY Christmas, but it’s the whole season that enables us to spend more time with our loved ones, and there’s a REALLY good chance everyone will be in a good mood!

Your blog Surrounded By Pretty is all about finding the pretty in everything, what are a few things you will be doing in your home to surround yourself with Christmas pretty?
My house is an explosion of gold, green, red and glitter. Metallics and little white lights are everywhere. Big, red, velvet bows, and green wreaths. Garland, red berries, and candy are all over the place. (apologies for the iPhone pictures, and the lighting is a bit off due to SNOWWWWW)

What are your top tips to giving the perfect gift?
I love giving gifts, and I think I’m good at it. First I give something I would want to receive. Not necessarily WHAT I’d want but the quality of something I’d like. I would never give someone a throw away gift, I think it’s foolish. I love giving high quality items that they can use whenever they want, not just special occasions. My go-to gift is a gift certificate to a couple’s favorite restaurant that may be a bit pricey. That way, they can either go right away and enjoy it, or save it for something special, like an anniversary.
Finally, what is top of your wish list from Santa this year (cough cough, hubby I hope you’re reading)?
Poor guy, I stress him out so much that he never knows what to get. I used to compile a list of stuff I wanted but with the magic of Pinterest he tells me to put stuff on there. I am really swooning for a gold watch this year though.

HouseOfEvans_Blogger Christams Part 3
Merry Christmas!!!
xoxo Stephanie 

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